Access Covers (Metal/Plastic)
Access Risers (Precast/Plastic)
Catch Basin/Sump Pit
Cisterns (Potable)
Distribution Boxes
Fire Water Reservoirs
Grade Extensions
Holding Tanks
Manhole Chambers
Median Barriers
Misc. Appurtenances
Oil/Sediment/Grease Interceptors
Septic Tanks
Storage Utility Shed
Stormwater Infiltration Units
Stormwater Detention Units
Stormwater Treatment (WATERGATE)
Typical Layouts
Utility, Meter, Valve Chambers

Wilkinson Heavy Precast Limited uses only the highest grade of quality components in the manufacture of all our products. Each product is carefully inspected before leaving the production facility and again prior to being delivered to our customer.

All our products possess the following construction specifications (unless otherwise stated):


  • 35 MPA (5000 psi) @ 28 days
  • Type 10 Portland cement
  • Air Entrainment – 5 to 8%


  • Grade 400 weldable

We are able to modify product specifications and/or materials to meet specialized requirements.

Please contact our factory for more detailed information.

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