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Fire Water Reservoirs

Please Note: Our Firewater Reservoirs are not stock items & are made to order. The sizes vary based on what model of Holding Tank you choose. Many of our models can be made for use as a Firewater vessel. The list below are simply examples of some of the more common models/sizes used. Please vist the Holding Tanks section of our website to view the various sizes of tanks we can produce. Once you've chosen a size please consult our factory on how your model can be used & pricing for the unit.

  • 17,600 Litre (3900 Imp Gal) - Use Model H17.6S
[ PDF ]  
  • 22,500 Litre (5000 Imp Gal) - Use Model H22.5S
[ PDF ]  
  • 28,500 Litre (6200 Imp Gal) - Use Model H28.5S
[ PDF ]  
  • 33,400 Litre (7300 Imp Gal) - Use Model H33.4S
[ PDF ]  
  • 40,000 Litre (8800 Imp Gal) - Use Model H40S
[ PDF ]  
  • 50,000 Litre (11000 Imp Gal) - Use Model H50.1S or H50H (for traffic)
[ PDF ]  
  • 114,000 Litre (25000 Imp Gal) - Use Model H114S
[ PDF ]  
  • Typical Layout (Holding Tank Sizes Vary)
[ PDF ]  

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