Access Covers (Metal/Plastic)
Access Risers (Precast/Plastic)
Catch Basin/Sump Pit
Cisterns (Potable)
Distribution Boxes
Fire Water Reservoirs
Grade Extensions
Holding Tanks
Manhole Chambers
Median Barriers
Misc. Appurtenances
Oil/Sediment/Grease Interceptors
Septic Tanks
Storage Utility Shed
Stormwater Infiltration Units
Stormwater Detention Units
Stormwater Treatment (WATERGATE)
Typical Layouts
Utility, Meter, Valve Chambers

Founded in 1953 by Bill and Ruth Wilkinson the legend of what is known today as Wilkinson Heavy Precast Limited began. Located on a 3-acre property with the family home, Bill and Ruth started with the production of only septic tanks. For approximately 31 years Bill and Ruth successfully manufactured and delivered precast septic tanks, many of which are still in use today.

In 1984 when Bill passed on Jim Wilkinson took over the business which at this point had already been well established. Shortly thereafter, Wilkinson’s began producing large tanks and shipping them all over Ontario. Once the Wilkinson name became known for large tanks, our company and products continued to grow. As we continued growing we found a need to relocate to larger facilities. In 1990 we moved from our 3-acre location to our new state-of-the-art 40,000 square foot building located on 20 acres in Dundas, Ontario. The relocation allowed us to build a separate warehouse building for storage of our crane trucks, yard equipment and forms.

In 2003 we constructed a computer controlled concrete batch plant consisting of 200 tonne cement capacity and 400 tonne aggregate capacity. This newly owned facility allows us to produce 40 cubic metres of concrete per hour while continuing to supply consistent quality precast to our customers.

In order to manufacture large products we have installed throughout our production facility one 30 tonne, one 17 ½ tonne and two 15 tonne overhead cranes that allow us to handle our products.

We know and appreciate that our customers depend on our quality of workmanship and an understanding of their requirements.

Over the years we have gained a great deal of experience and expertise in many fields.

We are pleased to share this knowledge and to serve you, our customer.

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